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Soniccouture €� Electro-Acoustic V1.3.0 (KONTAKT)




This is an ambitious kit with a lot of drums that you can automate. Guitar The Screen was released in 1994, in the advent of the 4 track format. The Screen guitar was primarily targeted to music professionals, and it is a big time machine. The Screen guitar came out with both the Akai S600 and Roland JUNO-88G, and uses MIDI. The Screen guitar has 3 separate assignable synthesizer modules, each with 4 oscillators. Each module also has 3 VCAs. There is a large sync button that will crossfade in and out between modules. All of these sounds can be modified in realtime, with the use of a multi-mode sequencer. The guitar has a built-in 4 track sequencer, and is able to use external MIDI modules like the PolySynth (see below). There are also pitch bend and modulation modes. The pitch bend is mod-wheel mode, but it can also be used with various pitch bend and mod wheels. PolySynth The PolySynth was released in 1993 and was the first of its kind in the USA. This synth has a 24 voice polyphony, with 2 x 8 oscillators per voice. There are a total of 2 midi channels, and 2 sync/trigger buttons. The screen has 1 bank of 25 16 step sequencer, with 4 tracks per bank. There are 2 12 step sequencers, and 1 6 step sequencer. The sequencer has 8 track memory, and can be duplicated. There is a large range of effects, including a vocoder, phaser, chorus, flanger, pitch shifter, as well as a small amount of reverb. The screen has a large amount of sample and noise audio files, so it is very versatile. Some examples of samples in the screen are two japanese musical scales that cycle on the synth. Sequencer instruments Noise Drum Classic guitar "The screen has several unique features: a half-tone sweep trigger, which allows you to create a variety of sounds by sweeping the mod wheel back and forth. The screen also has a frequency modulation effect that can be controlled by an expression pedal or a footswitch. A lot of sounds can be made by playing with the filter and synthesizer. Its a very versatile machine". (Source: Les Pecha )




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