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Every year Pii offers workshops to MPP students focused on the skills that are increasingly demanded in today's innovation-conscious job market. Workshops include a short lecture to provide an overview of the topic which will be followed by active student participation to demonstrate how the topic is applied in practice. We invite top professionals in each subject area to share their expertise, comment on how the approach is applied in the workspace and how the approach can be beneficial in the internship/job search.

Come out to a Pii workshop and learn a new skill!

2017 Design Thinking Workshop


On October 26, 2017, our sold out workshop filled a University College classroom with 25 public policy, global affairs,

and health policy students and professionals.

The workshop started off with a presentation by Pii on a brief overview and history of design thinking. Then, our guest speaker, Justin Kirkey, User Experience Lead at Synaptive Medical, shared his experiences in medtech and healthcare, opening up the toolbox of design thinking and opportunities for their application to policy.

With the tools in hand, participants engaged in a hands-on activity that allowed them to put a design thinker's hat on. They especially loved the opportunity to gather user insights through live interviews and rapidly prototype.

Guest Speaker: Justin Kirkey

User Experience Lead: Synaptive Medical

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